Nedergard Honey comes from the small archipelago village Kalax in eastern Porvoo in Finland.

We produce honey, breed queens and make beeswax products.


Our honey is a mixed flower honey where nectar of spring flowers meets the summer dandelion, apple blossom, blueberry and lingonberry, the high summer raspberry, linden flower and clover to combine with late summer willow herb and heather. Along the way, it also receives features from a variety of other flowers, such as strawberries, cherries and garden plants, all depending on what comes in the bees' way during their hunt for nectar.


Each honey harvest is unique and forms a perfect compilation of the summer that has passed. The taste, color and texture of the honey vary depending on which plants have had a good flowering that summer. We have the advantage of being surrounded by a rich and varied nature, which gives a tasty and well-balanced honey!

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