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Mehiläistarhaaja, Nedergård Hunaja-Honung.


Bees are my passion. It's great to get to work with them and follow their lives through the changes of the year. The beekeeping started in 2013 with a few hives and has expanded ever since. Our hives can be found on apiaries in eastern Uusimaa, where we have 4-10 hives per apiary. The size of the honey harvest varies according to local conditions, but we are surrounded by a rich flora with meadow, forest, fruit trees, oil plants and lush fields of clover. The nectar from our area provides a very tasty and fine honey.


Over the years, the breeding business has become an important part of my beekeeping. My goal is to produce Varroa-resistant, healthy, calm bees with low swarming tendencies, that produce a lot of honey. These attributes are a prerequisite for rational beekeeping.

Sigurd Wackström

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