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Tentsile accomodation


An overnight stay in a Tentsile tree tent offers the most relaxing, comfortable and unique camping experience. Protected from mosquitoes, you can enjoy the sunset and on a starry night you can float comfortably in your sleeping bag while watching the stars through the transparent tent fabric. If it is windy or raining you can cover the tent with the rain cover and sleep warm and dry rocked by the wind.

Nedergård Nature Retreat offers tentsile accommodation in Porvoo's inner archipelago in Kalax by the shores of Pikkupernajan lahti. Here you can enjoy beautiful nature, the sound of the waves and the peace and quiet. You can wander around in a peaceful rural setting or just relax on the cliff next to the tent. The campsite provides a barbecue area and a dry toilet. 


Tentsile Stingray is a 3-person tent that is suitable for three adults or two adults with two small children. The tent is stretched between three trees and is a combination of tent and hammock. If you need more sleeping space, you can rent space for a regular tent.


We do not take bookings at the moment!

1 person 80 €/night.

2 persons 120 €/night.

3 persons 160 €/night.

Place for own tent 15 €/night + 5 €/person.

(only in addition to booking  a Tentsile.)

The price includes:

  • Overnight stay in a 3-person Tentsile Stingray tree tent. The tent is set up.

  • Tent lamp

  • Access to dry toilet.

  • Drinking water canisters. Collected at check-in at the farm center.

  • Fireplace with barbecue possibilities.

  • Gas hob available.

  • Rowing boat available.

  • NOTE! Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions.

Bring with you:

  • Sleeping bag, sleeping pad and cushion. Due to the pandemic, we do not rent sleeping bags this season.

  • Warm clothing. It can be windy at the beach.

  • Rain gear

  • Cooler bag, food and accessories.

  • Personal hygiene items.

  • Earplugs might be useful if you are sensitive to sound. The birdsong can be deafening in the mornings.


Good to know:

  • Check-in takes place at Nedergård farm center about 1 km from the tent site. We guide you to the camp where you get the information needed.

  • At Nedergård there is a farm shop where you can buy the farm's products such as honey, beeswax products and ceramics.  

  • You can familiarize yourself with our business; organic grain farming and beekeeping. The farm hens also appreciate a handful of green grass!

  • A valid accident insurance is recommended for safety reasons.


The booking system is under construction. You can book by contacting us by email, phone or via the form.

Thank you for your message!

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