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Handmade pottery and sculptures

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Nedergård Handicrafts - The Maker.

The creative hands behind Nedergård Handicrafts belong to me, Susanne Björkell.

The desire to develop my craft and to push my abilities to the limit keeps me inspired and motivated. I see each new project as an opportunity to learn something new and to test both my and the material's limits. The goal of my craft is to create well-designed products that are both beautiful and functional.

The process

It starts with a thought, an idea and a vision of the end product. Sometimes based on an actual need, often combined with an aesthetic need. My products are made by hand, by me, one at a time in small series. I want to emphasize the craft itself. It is the process that distinguishes a unique handmade product from mass production. It takes time and it must be allowed to do so. My way of working means that many of the products are only made to order, even though I strive to have a couple of copies on hand.

When it comes to ceramics, the delivery time for commissioned work can be a few weeks due to the objects needing time to dry and then to be fired twice. Ceramics require patience.

I think we all should take some time to think about our consumption habits and our relationship with objects and at the same time realize that with our purchasing decisions we control what the world of the future will look like.



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