I breed and sell free mated queens and queens mated at a mating station. I breed from 12-24 hours old larvae. I pair my queens at our home in Kalax and at Sarfsalö (Lovisa). I pay close attention to the drones, as they are a very important part of the queen breeding. There should be many healthy drones that have the right heritage. Therefore, all bee communities that act as drone donors are also daughters of selected breeding queens of different lineages. The mating stations are located so that the area is surrounded by our own apiaries, with my chosen drones, or by water and thus I assure a good and successful mating.


Buckfast Bee

In my beekeeping I use the Buckfast strain or breeding method. Buckfast is an artificial breed created by the systematic combination of different bee breeds or bee strains that have undergone strict selection. Buckfastbiet is a breeding project that has been going on ever since Karl Kehrle (Brother Adam) began breeding in 1916 at Buckfast Abbey monastery in south west England, after a parasitic disease has killed the lives of almost all diocesan communities in England. Brother Adam's motto was: "More honey with less work". Breeding continues in Europe in his footsteps and according to his principles.

Why Buckfast?

The Buckfastbiet combines many good properties, such as hardness, inertia, calm (good temperament and cake firmness), collector and construction. Inertia and tranquility are two very important and time-saving features that are useful for both hobby and professional beekeepers. The buckfast bee is in all its simplicity very easy to care for. My Buckfast comes from various selected and pedigree breeding queens from Finland (Juhani Lunden), Denmark and Germany, and Elgon bees from Sweden. You will find most of the Buckfast pedigree here HERE!

A.m.Carnica (Carniolan bee)

I have started to breed Carniolan bees and queens are sold from summer 2022. Carniolan bees have many good traits; good overwintering, hardiness, industrious, longevity, good spring development, sense of orientation and not as prone to rubbery. The drawback is prone to swarming . 


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Delivery July - August. Breeding queens have been tested for two years for vitality, inertia, temperament, cookie, honey production and wintering ability. In addition, "Pin-test" is done to measure the purging ability, I aim for at least 50% opened cells after 6 hours. I also try to breed for Varroa resistance and measure the queens' mites.


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It is also possible and even recommended to pick up the queens from our place. All queens are marked with this year's color code.


Reserve well in the spring or right now queens for the year 2021!

Mated Queen Bee: 40 €

Mating station queen: 60€